Industrial Properties

Industrial properties house production, manufacturing, high-tech, distribution, or warehousing operations. These properties also may include some office space or storage space. Like office buildings, some industrial buildings are located in parks and can be classified and sintle-tenant or multi-tenant buildings. By broad physical and functional characteristics, industrial space falls into the following categories.
Multi-tenant: These properties are for the smallest user of industrial space. Typically the spaces range between 1,000 and 5,000 and can serve as incubator space for start-up tenants renting on a shorter term basis.
Large Manufacturing: These facilities are used for manufacturing, production, assembly, shipping and receiving, or major production processes.
Research and Development: This category is a hybrid of office and manufacturing. The research and development category is the most people-intensive of industrial properties. R&D properties have rental and sale values second only to “pure” office space among commercial properties.

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